Housing Panel

Making houses into homes ~

Contact and additional info:
- Feel free to leave me a DM if you're interested in having your house done/remodeled.
- Keep in mind that I'm from Europe and therefore may not respond immediately, but will respond as soon as possible
> DISCORD: Izayoi#9604
> IN-GAME: Iza Arestel
[Work cross-world]

Housing Prices:Small: 10 - 15mil
Medium: 20 - 25mil
Large: 30 - 40mil
Garden: 5 - 10mil[Prices are with Furniture included]Note that the price depends on the difficulty of the build.
If the build is relatively simple the price can be less.
"Do you accept commissions outside of Primal DC?"Only Aether, Primal & Crystal
Unless payment can be made to Primal
With DC travel now being available, I can accept requests outside of Primal.
However, furniture and dyes must be provided by the owner.
Feel free to DM me, should there be any questionsPremade builds
I have a couple of builds that have either been made for other clients or just for fun, these builds are available for purchase just DM me for the link ^^
Any tips are greatly appreciated! ♥

- If you are looking to have your Apartment or FC room done DM me for further information regarding the procedure!
- If you are looking to have someone help/instruct you on your build, my hourly rate is 1mil
- If you are looking to have some items glitched/lifted we can make an arrangement ^^

Terms Of Service
Please read through the terms carefully
- By agreeing to this you acknowledge that any pictures of a design (done by me) that I have provided you, you are not allowed to replicate, without paying for the design and thus buying the permission to replicate it, and by replicating what I've shown you without paying for it, you violate the ToS and thus I will be obligated to refuse any further service with you.- You must also provide the location of the plot (server, residence, and plot number) that is being commissioned so that I can go confirm that the plot is either under your name or the FC you are a part of.- Once the design (which I have provided clear pictures of) is approved by you and paid for, the payment is non-refundable.- I have the right to terminate any service I deem where the client Is either rude, inappropriate, unresponsive, or for any unlisted reasons, I deem necessary to terminate service. If the design has already been in progress, any furniture provided will be left in the house storage as any design done will be removed, and 70% of the remaining Gil will be returned to the client.- I require either my message to stay in the guest book, or for my credit to be on the placard for this is a way for me to show my work and to gain more clients. If it is removed several times I will no longer accept commissions from the client who removes them.- If a commission is in progress and you decide for whichever reason to cancel your commission then the design that has been made as per request will be forfeit and can be obtained by others.Failure to accept these terms will result in your commission being refusedOutside of NA DC
Any commissions outside of North American DC must be able to provide furniture and payment on NA or through a Paypal commission
(please dm for details as this works differently from a normal commission)

Makeplace commissions
Welcome! This section is for Makeplace Commissions only meaning that I am not going to be added to your residence/FC and set up the design, I will provide the files needed for you to set up the build.
Small: 15mil - 15$
Medium: 25mil - 25$
Large: 45mil - 45$
Gil payment needs to be made to my main on NA DCWhen commissioning me for a Makeplace build, after discussing the type of build and design you'd like, pictures will be provided for you to look over and to ask for any changes until the design is as desired.Once the design is approved by you, payment can be made to me by one of the two options provided, and afterward, the files will be sent to you on discord.Purchase already finished builds at a lower rate

Exodus - Large - Hingan FC

Hyperion - Small - Amaurot Theme

Lamia - Apartment - Ishgard Theme

Small - Modern

Famfrit - Small - FC House

Famfrit - Goblet/ward 2/plot 4 - FC House

Lamia - Mist/ward 4/plot 35

Lamia - Shirogane - 29/10/20

Lamia - Tarot Room

Lamia - (small) void build